My interest as an artist lie in patterns. I see patterns in every place imaginable, and my imagination begins to transpose images in my minds eye. I enjoy putting  together seemingly random colours and shapes that create something new and more. Colour is a very important part of patterns for me as it allows me to use all of the spectrum to enhance my work. I especially like putting odd colours together as the effect is sometimes amazing.

Although I don't consciously try to put random shapes together deliberately, there always seems to be some cohesion when my artwork is done.

I often find, reflecting on finished work leads me to seeing something "other" than what I started out imagining.

Art lovers from all over they globe see art in their own individual way, and each viewers consciousness, or unconscious  begins to process and sort out what is to them recognisable patterns in their minds.

Although my work is varied, some line drawings, others ink, I am constantly drawn to these little gestalt pieces, that somehow connect and go on to form a greater whole, all the while provoking thoughts and reflections.

I repeatedly draw or paint abstract shapes and build various images until I am satisfied with the end result. This takes time and patience and the unfinished painting allows me to have unconsciously created "Something"

I never start out knowing what a piece of art will become, but allow my mind free scope to create whatever.

The end results are always interesting and colourful.

I hope you like them.

All images and content © June Finlayson