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25 Jul, 2016

Well here we are nearly at the end of July. When did the sun shine? Oh! Yes! I blinked and missed it, bummer.

A very busy last few months, what with visiting relatives and school holidays. 

Slightly frazzled but looking forward to framing up some of my new works. 

The garden is full of beautiful colours and every kind of flower you can imagine, 

scattered about both in the ground and in pots. Just looking at it gives me cause to smile. 

It's also fascinating how all the Reds and blue and yellows flow together to create harmony , 

unbelievable. I feel colour is extremely significant in our lives as it is a visual imprint that causes us to feel emotion.

I know for myself, being able to transpose colour from a palette onto a canvas or paper fills me with joy

and sets off a chain of events that stir my imagination, and gives life to my masterpieces. 

Well some of the time it does anyway, the other times are just 

for perfecting that process .

Ainslie Peters
13 Sep, 2016
Have always enjoyed your paintings, finding random objects xx

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