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26 Sep, 2016

Can you believe it? the Summer is gone, (over, disappeared) Now we face the colder Autumn weather. 

I must have blinked as I missed all those warm sunny days where the tar was melting on the pavements and the heat burning our

Shiny pale skin! what! did that not happen!!!! Och never mind there is always Next year.....

Seriously though the colours of Autumn are starting to spread throughout the country.

Trees, magnificent coppers and reds, the low slung sun sparkling through them. That's what we are talking about folks.

A new pallet for us artists, moving through greens to oranges and yellow before they vanish from our eyes.

When they resurge again in the spring, yeah!

A time for reflecting on what's been achieved and created. What's still to be finish and what to paint next.

Well let me collect myself and peruse the different colours of Autumn and see what I can come up with.

Roll on Christmas with all its sparkles and frippery, snow on the ground and bright red holly berries

An Artists delight.


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