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18 Mar, 2016

At last I am the owner of a Web-site. I did not realise how much effort and hair tugging went into building one.

Without my friend Georges help I would have been lost. However, now with great pleasure I can paint and draw till my reservoirs run dry.

I can fill my site with all my creations and hope you find them as inspiring as I do.

20th April Blog update.

That's the website kicked off now. It's very exciting and terrifying. Exciting because it gets my artwork out there, 

and terrifying because I will have to keep  making more art to fill it. Making the Art won't be a big problem, 

as I have endless ideas to explore however, it's putting yourself out there with confidence

And not allowing the critical self to inhibit your work. I'm sure all Artists feel like this at times. 

Drop me a wee line, tell me what you think.

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