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January 2017 New Beginnings

17 Jan, 2017

The end of last year just whizzed by and here we are in another year, Awsome! Where did the time go?

Currently working on some new pieces but need to take some photographs, that was a fiasco!!

A friend lent me his camera which was one of those high resolution pieces, big telescope, tripod and the rest, with the proviso that 

it would be easy-peasy to work. Well the camera was brilliant but my understanding of it was mighty suspect.

However many photos were taken and now it time to search out frames and an Exhibition venue to show them off.

A big year folks, I am excited and trembling at the prospect. As usual not I need to get down to the nitty gritty so to speak.

In between all that artwork, I have been doing a bit is sewing, ( not wish to be totally idle of course) I have been sewing little shoes,

 And creating new patterns to make others. So onwards and upwards as the Spring approaches, In between planting new bulbs

And completing the paintings I can see it is going to be a busy time.

June's Blog Autumn Harvest

26 Sep, 2016

Can you believe it? the Summer is gone, (over, disappeared) Now we face the colder Autumn weather. 

I must have blinked as I missed all those warm sunny days where the tar was melting on the pavements and the heat burning our

Shiny pale skin! what! did that not happen!!!! Och never mind there is always Next year.....

Seriously though the colours of Autumn are starting to spread throughout the country.

Trees, magnificent coppers and reds, the low slung sun sparkling through them. That's what we are talking about folks.

A new pallet for us artists, moving through greens to oranges and yellow before they vanish from our eyes.

When they resurge again in the spring, yeah!

A time for reflecting on what's been achieved and created. What's still to be finish and what to paint next.

Well let me collect myself and peruse the different colours of Autumn and see what I can come up with.

Roll on Christmas with all its sparkles and frippery, snow on the ground and bright red holly berries

An Artists delight.

June's Blog Scottish Summer

25 Jul, 2016

Well here we are nearly at the end of July. When did the sun shine? Oh! Yes! I blinked and missed it, bummer.

A very busy last few months, what with visiting relatives and school holidays. 

Slightly frazzled but looking forward to framing up some of my new works. 

The garden is full of beautiful colours and every kind of flower you can imagine, 

scattered about both in the ground and in pots. Just looking at it gives me cause to smile. 

It's also fascinating how all the Reds and blue and yellows flow together to create harmony , 

unbelievable. I feel colour is extremely significant in our lives as it is a visual imprint that causes us to feel emotion.

I know for myself, being able to transpose colour from a palette onto a canvas or paper fills me with joy

and sets off a chain of events that stir my imagination, and gives life to my masterpieces. 

Well some of the time it does anyway, the other times are just 

for perfecting that process .

June's Blog. Summer Holiday Inspiration

15 Jun, 2016

Just back from my holiday in Venice and cruising round the islands of  Corfu, Santorini, Athens, Mykonos, Montenegro and Croatia.

I was enthralled with all the colourful souvenirs and brightly painted houses.

All of these little islands depend mostly on tourism to survive.

What inspired me was the incredible skills each of these islanders showed in creating items out of shells, clay, ceramics and in Venice incredible displays of products made in glass. I've come home with a head full of new ideas, 

Now I just have to make them happen.

So, upwards and onwards see what we can create.

June's Blog. May 2016. Summer

25 May, 2016

Now we are in Summer and the weather is improving greatly. Time to get your sketch pads and paint out, and begin creating.

My website has been up for a few months now and I am really beginning to understand all the process that went into making it.

I have had lots of friends and relative looking at it and feel somewhat of a celebrity, Ha Ha, don't think I'll  ever be one of them.

I am proud of my work though and realise that, although it's brilliant to be able to paint and draw images

It's even better when other people view it and make comments. There is a sense of being acknowledged, 

of having accomplished something. Also, having a website to fill keeps me busy thinking up new creations, all the time

Developing my Art.

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