June Finlayson 

I am a Scottish Artist based in Kirkcaldy Fife. I have worked throughout the the community teaching arts and crafts. I run workshops and painting days for professional people who like to unwind and encourage their creative juices. I have a large family and lots of Grandchildren who Always want to paint. Being amongst them gives me inspiration for my own artwork.

Now that I have a Web-site I intend to use that as a reason to continue creating.

Patterns are the main focus of my work, I find beauty in the most unusual places and work to bring that beauty to the individual eye.

Most important to me is the alchemical process that allows things to "become" mixing up and moving colour around fascinates and inspires me to continually explore and develop my creations further.

Not all are successful however, but I always feel inspired to discover something new.

I attended Telford college 1989-91 where I obtained my diploma in Counselling. Prior to that I studied Transpersonal Psychology doing workshops and training weekends. I have worked in the voluntary sector as a counsellor for organisations that deal with victims of sexual abuse; Open Secret in Falkirk, Safe Space in Dunfermline and Alffa in Cupar.

 I use my ability as an artist in both my counselling work and in community projects  and latterly in schools and colleges.

Throughout the years I have had various Exhibitions.

Summer 2002 Lochgelly Centre Fife Journey To The Soul

Autumn 2003 Lomond Centre Fife. Soul Searching

October 2007 Private Exhibition Kirkcaldy Through my Eyes.

September 2008 Duloch Park Dunfermline Fife Seeking Me

July 2015 Lochgelly Centre Fife. In Time

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